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For over 80 years, Samsung has been a leader in the discovery, research and development of Consumer Electronics and Mobile Phones. Guided by strong values, high ethical standards and "meaningful innovation” – a philosophy at the core of everything we do – we create breakthrough technology products that are personalized, relevant and will genuinely enhance your daily life. Simply put, we want you to have a "wow" experience, each and every time you pick up a Samsung Mobile device – such as the GALAXY Note 10.1, the GALAXY S4, the GALAXY Note 3 gear gear 2 gear S fit and more.

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GALAXY Note 4 – Blending an evolved S Pen with a superior viewing experience, the Galaxy Note 4 provides users with the most unique and powerful mobile experience on the market.

Gear S – Delivering an up-to-date smart wearable experience with 3G connectivity and wearable optimized features to meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Gear VR – Enabling users to fully immerse themselves in a cinematic virtual reality environment.

GALAXY Note 4, GALAXY Note Edge, Gear S, Gear VR, Gear Circle, GALAXY S5, GALAXY Tab S

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