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Dolphin Live Wallpaper allows you to feast your eyes on these lovely and playful sea animals while they play around and put on browser game the cutest show on the planet. You will almost be able to hear the magical dolphin music while you gaze at a beautiful sunset in the sky. Adorable stunts and tricks. See an adorable bottlenose dolphin, or “killer whale” swimming in the crystal clear water. Discover unique “Dolphin Backgrounds” depicting magnificent sunsets that mirror in the still water surface disturbed only by gentle waves and the splash of browser game dolphins' cute fins and flippers. Have you always wanted to take dolphin pictures? “Dolphin Live Wallpaper” to the rescue! The gorgeous dolphin. This browser game “free download” is so much fun All you need to do is to pick one of the cute backgrounds this free live wallpaper offers and beautify your new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone for free. A heavenly day starts with a divine sight of sea life! Beautiful dolphins can cover your screen. This wonderful app for Android is ideal both for boys and girls – everybody adores cute ocean animals that seem to be happy all the time. There is no other nature wallpaper like this one – so vividly colored and lively browser game, it will relax and impress you at the same time. Witness the lapping of the white-crested waves and discover this magnificent animal jumping sky high and meeting with the vast blue sky joyfully cute. You do not have to go to the browser game zoo to see these sea beauties swim in an aquarium anymore – just download new “Dolphin Wallpaper” free of charge and swim along the browser game. This background wallpaper will take you to the best adventure under water; just give it a try, it's better than snorkeling! Anchors away to the sea ocean!

This new version of HD themes has features as:
a) New designed user interfaces for the galleries. Very smooth and easy of use. User friendly menu for navigation.
b) All pics are wallpapers and LWP with high quality and high definition, carefully chosen themes!
c) You can save either one photo wallpaper or LWP you like, or all photos if you like them all!!
d) All HD themes and wallpapers are completed free and Off-line! No 3G data cost!
e) All HD images of galleries can be saved in SD card! Don't need to worry about the storage any more!

Enjoy this great app! It contains HD themes as galleries and as LWP and wallpapers as well.

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