Parody Minions 2 Wallpaper

App Purpose –
These are just the imitation of character in various styles which may not look like the real minion characters. This app is uniquely created by Sinion's Labs for the entertainment Purpose only.
Parody Minions HD Wallpaper set in your screen a parody design of minions that does not lost the proportion of the image when you set it on your screen.
Parody Minions HD Wallpaper imitates the style of character but they are not real characters, they are just a imitation of character in various styles and nice backgrounds which may not look like the real minion characters
Note Important: This app does not contain real minion characters it is just a parody.
Parody Minions HD Wallpaper is the best app for the background of your next-generation mobile like, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Motorola, HTC, LG or Sony Xperia.
Parody Minions HD Wallpaper has been tested in next-generation device, such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus5/7, Motorola X, HTC and Sony Xperia Z. One
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Permissions: Parody Minions HD Wallpaper Does not require any special permission
Disclaimer: Parody Minions HD Wallpaper it just a parody app and with the clear intention to respect copyright.
Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Motorola, LG, HTC or Sony Xperia are trademarks. This app does not belong or represent any of these companies.
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