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Hello, we all like the celebrations especially Halloween is the most interesting. Halloween is a celebration of Celtic origin, taken today many people in the Western, this celebration has spread in the nineteenth century by Irish immigrants in the United States. Date of celebration is the night of October 31, although in some countries the celebration date ranges, for example in Sweden is celebrated on the first Saturday in November.
The name originates from the English, from the phrase All Hallows' Even. Specific Halloween pumpkin is carved, representing Lantern Jack. During the celebration, the children mask in wizards, movie characters, mummies, princesses, princes, or other characters and wander the house asking "Trick or Treat" (deception or sweets) as a threat that if they do not are given sweets the children will play a prank to the person. In other countries, Halloween is celebrated with parades and many carnival parties. If you are a lover of this celebration of Halloween this game will delight all you have to do is to prepare zucchini. Follow all the instructions and everything will be easy!

You have to choose: form the eyes, nose, mouth, choose a hat interesting, a candle is also important and in the end make sure you choose a very frightening setting .

After you have prepared the pumpkin you can go with carols on streets. Be careful how you choose an outfit more interesting. Successful in the collecting of many sweets!

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to play other games for girls

Thank you for helping us to sculpting the pumpkin , you are a good friend and through this kids game you proved that you have abilities in terms of preparing for Holoween.

Have fun!

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