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Men do not often go to the barber shop because their hair grows slowly and requires great care. But when you go to the hairdresser must be the most beautiful, to be observed by every woman. Today we will try to help a man to cut his hair and beard to look beautiful and elegant. You must follow the instructions carefully.

1) must apply a layer of shampoo on your hair, then you have to wash it and delete it, and eventually it was drying and it was combed
2) We need to cut the hair of the beard, then we will apply a layer of shaving cream and we will cut all your hair with a razor. Then you must spray them apical layer after shave.

After finishing with the hair removal must help him to dress, so I'll pick a shirt, a pair of glasses and if we want to make them some forms of hair from the beard to look better.

Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose and other barber games, dress up games and games for girls online to test your skills further.

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