Beard Shave Salon – Hairy Face

Welcome to the Messy Beard Shave Salon!!!! Let’s shave it and make hairy face go shine like a celebrity star. Open your own barber shop, meet your clients at the top hairiest salon. These men seriously need a makeover! They look so messy and hairy so let’s get your tools and shave some beards and give a complete makeover! Their face look dirty and hairy. Shave beard, pluck hairs, tweeze, and pick your beard styles. You can even dress up your client with awesome dresses. It’s for girls to make their man look dashing and handsome. Oh girls can’t resist while they wait to shave some handsome men.

The lady barber is waiting at the Beard Shave Salon to begin the fun shaving and makeover. Use all the tools to perform facial treatment, remove hairs, clean face, pop pimples and finally wash the face. Remove rash and put bandages on cuts. Make fabulous beard styles & dress up with various shirts, pants, shoes and more. It’s all about getting in style so let’s do it at Beard Shave Salon for men!

Shaving ►►►
Let’s grab barber tools and begin shaving beard.

Dress Up ►►►
There are dozens of dresses for your clients. Let’s try them on and see which suit them the best.

Mini Games Mania ►►►
We have 4 mini games for extra fun for boys and girls. Spot the difference, Catching Apples, Stamping papers and Fish Catching. It’s all about speed, accuracy and time management.

• 4 characters all messed up
• Shaving, hair removal, pimple popping and more
• Facial treatments with complete barber tools
• Bandages, electric shaver, tweezers, scissors and more
• After shave and rash removing cream to clean and clear
• 4 mini games for extra fun and entertainment

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