Princess Girls Club Games

Join Princess Girls Club, meet her friends and play girls favorite games! Choose what you want to do: help the Princess to get ready in the morning, make her a perfect dress, play tea party or maybe take care of her Unicorn!

Princess will teach you how to draw animals using your own handprints. Try it at home with watercolor paint!

Perfect game for all girls, the real princesses in this world!

Girls Club Games:

Princess Morning
When Princess is awake, play morning makeover and help her get ready for the beautiful day!

Make the Dress!
Free your fashion designer talent and make the most beautiful princess dress in the world!

Take part in Tea Ceremony!
Meet Princess friends Teddy and Doll, and play tea party! Fill the cups with delicious tea and eat the yummiest cupcakes! Don’t forget to clean up after party!

Paint the Wall!
Decorate the castle with Princess drawings. Take a painting brush and color the wall!

Ride a Unicorn!
Fly with a magical Unicorn and collect coins and rainbows!

Take care of Unicorn!
Uh-oh, Princess Unicorn is dirty. Make it look pretty again! Wash it, groom it, feed it and decorate with your favorite accessories!

6 Princess Girls Club games
7 Princess morning routine steps
5 Princess wall drawings
50 Unicorn accessories
Camera to take a photo of your Unicorn
Bright graphics and fun sounds
Easy gameplay for small kids

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Princess Girls Club Games Screenshots:

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