Baby Sitting – Nursery Doctor

Oops! Looks like all the little babies in the nursery have gotten sick! They need an expert doctor and lots of medicine to help take care of their illnesses. Think you're up to the task? Baby Sitting – Kids Games is a fun medicine and dress up game that lets you play doctor and take care of sick kids in the nursery. Bring them food, feed them pills, use your doctor tools to make them better, then send them home, happy and healthy!

Babies need more than just medicine from a doctor when they're sick. Running your own home nursery means you have to take care of every one of their needs, including bathing them and feeding them nutritious food. Wash each kid in a warm bath so they're sparkling clean, then make a delicious meal with the best food in the kitchen. Use your doctor tools and medicine to treat their sicknesses, then sing them a song so they can fall asleep.

Dress up is part of the fun, too, and your home nursery is filled with cute outfits these kids can wear! Pick out your favorite hats, dresses, shirts, shoes, tops, jewelry and accessories, then dress the kids in fun or funny outfits. Being healthy means plenty of rest, lots of good food, the right medicine, and a big smile on your face, too!

– Run your own home nursery and day care for sick little kids.
– Be a doctor and give medicine to your patients.
– Prepare healthy food for the kids to eat.
– Dress the babies up in cute outfits that make them smile.
– A great game for kids of all ages to play!

How to Play:
– Use the touch screen to choose a baby to take care of.
– Treat its illness with the right tools and medicine.
– Dress them up in fun costumes and outfits.
– Put them to bed at night with a nice lullaby.


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