Pet Show Contest: Beauty Salon

A pet contest is coming to town! Do you have the skills to win? Grab your dog and prepare to wow the judges! First, you'll need to train your pup to behave and walk down the catwalk like a pro. They'll have to do just right as these judges are very picky so get to work! Next, choose cute outfits for yourself and your animal. Pull out all the stops! Don't be afraid to try something new! You never know just what the judges will love and it might be you! Your beauty skills could be the difference between first and last place. Take care to give yourself a beauty makeover. The judges want animal owners to impress them, too!

Product Features:
Adorable animal contest game!
Choose a girl character to play: Holly, Estella, Lacey, or Amy.
No cats allowed! Choose from 4 dogs as your partner: Sunshine, Trixie, Maple, or Cici.
Train your pet to walk down the catwalk!
Tons of cute outfits to give your pup a beauty makeover!
Even more cute outfits to care for and dress up yourself!

How to Play:
Use interactive controls to play the game.
Get your dog ready for the contest by training it.
Dress the dog in a cute outfit for the contest.
Choose our own cute clothes to match!
Win the fashion show!

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Category: Educational

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