Donut Recipe: Pastry Chef Kids

Sweet, warm donuts make a good snack any time of the day. Do you like yours glazed? With sprinkles? With a sweet pastry filling? Maybe you like them all! In this fun donut cooking game, you'll learn to make your own donuts, then decorate them just how you like! Grab your eggs, mix, and other ingredients and mix them up really good! Once you get out all the lumps, roll out the dough and fry them until they're a nice golden brown. Pick out your favorite sweet pastry toppings to make your favorite snack or be creative an try something new! Once your donuts are ready, serve them up hot and fresh-just how they taste the best!

Product Features:
Donut pastry themed cooking game for kids.
Tons of flavors to choose from and colors to use.
Mix ingredients such as eggs, milk, and mix.
Fry the donuts and make them soft, golden brown.
Decorate with lots of sweet pastry toppings.
Serve these yummy snacks nice and hot.
Learn cooking skills while having fun!

How to Play:
Use interactive controls to play.
Pick out your favorite flavors and toppings.
Mix in the eggs, fry the dough, decorate, and serve hot donuts!

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Category: Educational

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