Alphabet car game for kids

Alphabet car game is ultimate experience to learn and recognize Alphabets with super fun!

Kids can learn very fast if you let them play while learning.
This free app Alphabet car game is very kid friendly.
this app will allow your little angels in learning alphabets while they will play their all-time favorite car game.
Hit the right alphabet with your car and get a point!
If you choose the wrong one, it’s ok! Try out more.
To add more excitement, we have added 2 different environments in our app.

1. In the City
2. In the Desert

Kids are drivers of a sports car racing through city streets. Or they can choose to race in the desert driving a 4-wheeled desert motorcycle. Their vehicles are driven either by swiping the screen or tilting the device.

List of cool features:-
1. Choose lower case or upper case alphabets
2. Extremely Easy to play!
3. Kid can move car by swiping on the screen or tilting the device
4. Bright, clear and attractive graphics for kids learning and love
5. Extremely easy to play, very intuitive , no need to guide them how to play.
6. We can turn on/off hint so that kids can learn and adapt game fast
7. Easy setting options
8. Human voice pronouncing name of alphabet and guiding kid
9. Car speeds up by collecting more points/rewards
10. Distinguishing animation and sounds to teach kids if they hit right or wrong alphabet.
11. Settings available in app
a. Choose capital letter/small letter
b. Turn on /off tilt movement
c. Turn on/off hint
d. Select language (Available in English/Spanish/French/Brazilian Portuguese)
e. Choose lower case or upper case alphabets

What are you waiting for ? Start playing the Alphabet game with your kids and help them learning while having fun.

Alphabet car game for kids Screenshots:

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