Pet Baby Care: New Baby Puppy

There's about to be a litter of newborn pups, and you get to take care of them all! My Newborn Pet Puppy is a fun dress up and animal care game that gives you a house full of dogs that need to be clean and are hungry for food. Make their home the best day care home in the world as you take care of all the little animal pets one by one!

The mommy dog has just had some new puppies, and she needs you rhelp to take care of them. Wash and clean the little animals in the bath, scrubbing their furry ears and wet noses with soap and water. Once they're clean, give them some food to fill their tiny little tummies. Carry them through the house to your dress up room and put some cute outfits on the dogs. Nothing like fun puppy dresses and booties to make them feel loved!

– Care for your pet dogs in your very own house.
– Help the new momma clean her babies and give them food.
– Bathe and dress up the animals.
– Fill your home with puppy love!

How to Play:
– Choose an animal to take care of in your home.
– Bathe it in your house bathtub. Use plenty of suds!
– Give the dogs food and dress them in cute outfits.

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Category: Educational

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