Girls Power Story: Police Hero

The city needs a hero! A brave female hero who can protect the weak from the guilty and depraved. Police girl is just the warrior woman for the job! With her cool blue police uniform, she not only looks like a servant of justice, but also a stylish young lady!

The thief has stolen the money, and it’s up to you to catch him! He’s dresses in black and white stripes and wearing a mask…a classic bank robber! As Police Girl, run and chase after this bandit to get back the money and save the day! Once all the justice has been done for the day, Police Girl can try on beautiful clothes and dresses! Police girls and normal girls outside of work after all!

See how powerful you are! Be the hero you were always meant to be by saving the day! Help good triumph over evil and help usher in a new golden age when you play Police Girl Hero!


– You’re the police girl!

– Catch the thief who stole the money!

– Dress up in fashionable clothes!


– Use the touchscreen to run, chase and avoid objects!

– Follow instructions to try on beautiful dresses!

– Hours of playtime fun!

Girls Power Story: Police Hero Screenshots:

Category: Educational

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