Cereal Maker Kids Cooking Game

What’s the best part of waking up? Breakfast! And what’s the best thing to eat for breakfast? Cereal! Delicious crunchy chocolate cereal, floating in creamy ice-cold milk! Wash it all down with delicious orange juice! Mmm….so good and yummy! Have you ever tried making cereal on your own? Now you can create your own yummy, healthy cereal, just the way you like it! You don’t have to be an expert chef to make awesome food…with Cereal Maker, you can make your perfect breakfast any time of day!

First, choose your favorite kind of cereal! There are so many choices…don’t worry, you can play again and again! Next, select your favorite kind of milk flavor! Do you prefer regular milk, or maybe chocolate? How about strawberry or coconut? Try them all! Just think of all the cool cereal combos you can make for your friends and family to enjoy! Delicious breakfast possibilities are endless in this game! Play Cereal Maker, and start every morning off on the right foot!


– Become a cereal master!

– Mix and match cereals and milk to create tastiness!

– Share your creations with friends and family!


– Use the touch screen to select your favorite cereal!

– Follow directions to choose different kinds of milk!

– So many options, so much fun!

Cereal Maker Kids Cooking Game Screenshots:

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