Learning numbers for kids

Learning the numbers and counting turning into fun! Mini games with math and numbers for your children!

*** Your child will:***
✔ Learn the numbers
✔ Learn to count
✔ Learn what numbers means
✔ Learn math
✔ Learn logic
✔ Remember the order of numbers

– 15 mini – games.
– A best way for your kid to learn math!
– Numbers announced in English!
– All levels are clear child, the game is suitable for self-study.
– The contents of jobs created randomly at the start of the game.
– Learning through play
*** How to play? ***
There is 15 different mini-games. To complete the game your child must use the math and numbers.
* For example: *
The first level characters want to get home. They think about the subject on the floor (the idea appears in the cloud). The child presses the buttons on the elevator, and the hero gets to the desired floor. If you select the wrong button, the elevator still rises to the selected floor and then back down. This character is the elevator. This allows the child to relate the magnitude and importance, which bears the figure.
On the second level, the spacecraft should reach the home planet. To do this, you need to click on the next stars with numbers in the order 1 2 3, etc. Here, the child learns the order of digits.
Other levels are also quietly stepping erudition and attention of the child.

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