Piano Holic2

—– Meet All-New Piano Holic Now —–
—— Every song was rearranged by real composers ——

Piano Holic offers the best sound and highest quality as the best Piano rhythm game. It's magic to your ears!
Forget about all the rhythm games in the past. Piano Holic is the only rhythm game you enjoy with a piano.
With children's songs for beginners to infamous classics from Beethoven and Mozart for experts, people of all ages and levels can enjoy more than 150 songs without ever looking at a sheet of music!
As the notes will guide you through your playing, anyone can easily tap the keyboards to play your music. Without sheets of music, tap the falling notes to the right beat, right timing to play your piano. (Rhythm Gaming System)
You can now play like Mozart and Beethoven!

It's time for your ears to enjoy music magic and masterpieces.

★★Specifics of Piano Holic★★

– Highest quality sounds
– Multi-touch Keyboard
– Touch & Drag Keyboard
– Preview sound and gameplay available
– No music sheets necessary
– 5 different note styles
– Music auto-play
– EASY,NORMAL,HARD,HELL: 4 Difficulty Levels with over 100 songs each (includes Mozart, Beethoven, and many great classics)
– SSS,SS,S,A,B,C,D,E,F: Scored in 9 Levels
– Perfect,Great,Good,Miss Guide
– Different Effects varying on situation
– Combo system
– Practice mode containing all types of piano supported
– Octaves shown in Practice Keyboard mode
– Same quality as a real piano
– Continuous updates on music
– Compatible with all devices and resolutions

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