Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons has everything you need to learn to play music pieces on a guitar!

If you are a music lover you should try it out. Now you can become a real guitar hero.

Guitar Lessons is an ideal tool for you to practice your favorite songs.

It lets you create your own songs or play songs built in.

Play around with your pocket guitar! This Guitar application will teach you how to play guitar in seconds without any musical theory and knowledge about this instrument.

It's great guitar simulator app for guitar beginners and for the more advanced guitar players.

Music creation and playing guitar have never been so easy! If you haven't played guitar before you need to try out virtual guitar !

This virtual guitar is great app to play or learn to play the guitar on your device.

[How to play Guitar Lessons]
-To play Guitar Lessons choose a song from our music list
-3 game modes to choose from : play mode, learn mode and listen mode and Select difficulty level
-follow highlighted spots and make music!
-plan when do you want to practice.
-Record and replay your recordings
-Guitar Classic is the easiest way to learn playing guitar.
-get as many points as possible

[Features of Guitar Lessons]
-Simple music game, best guitar lessons
-a lot of sample songs to play
-play country, folk, pop, rock and classical songs, chords with virtual guitar
-4 difficulty levels of guitar lessons
-realistic animation of guitar strings
-easy to use game controls
-great quality sound of guitar instrument
-practice schedule
-guitar game tutorial
-Perfect online guitar simulator for everyone : kids, adults, experienced guitarist and beginners
-perfectly tuned guitar
-multi touch playing
-guitar app includes option to record and playback your music

Guitar Lessons Screenshots:

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