ReRave Plus

Touch The Music!

Innovative gameplay that combines music, rhythm and touch accuracy to create an addictively fun and captivating experience.

React quickly and compete against the world by pressing symbols as they rotate to the 12 o'clock and match the beat of the music. Press closest to the center to earn the most points possible!

Break away from the restrictions of scrolling and "matching symbols" that is repetitive and limiting with other music game products.


◆ Fun for beginners as well as challenging for Expert players.
◆ An abundance of FREE Music and over 200 tap sequences immediately available for hours of entertainment.
◆ Based on the popular arcade version allowing an outstanding player experience while on the go!
◆ Global ranking allowing you to compare your scores with others.
◆ Facebook & Twitter Integration.
◆ Localization for multiple regions.
◆ Unique and patented display methods.

NOTICE: Be aware that ReRave Plus will require a network connection to synchronize data and obtain the latest song chart data on the first launch.

ReRave Plus Screenshots:

Category: Music

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