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Mega Piano is an exciting music game available for the Android operating system. It is a fairly simple, yet addictive and fun game to play. No special skills needed, everyone can play this game. You have to tap the black keys as fast as you can to be able to play the sound as long as you can. Your objective is to keep tapping the black keys as fast as you can while trying to avoid tapping the white keys. With Mega Piano you can even Challenge your friends with the build in special social share option. If you ever challenge a friend whoever get the higher score will be shown in first place in the high score section. With this game you can creates even more challenges and excitement within the game. Some people will find this a whole new level of challenges because the mission is and will always be to remain in the game as much as you can but remember, never stop tapping the black keys so you better concentrate hard in order to get a high score!

-4 Categories with different games and sound
-4 Different leader Board
-Smooth Gameplay
-Build in rate app
-Turn On and Off the volume
-Share with your friends(facebook, twitter, MMS, Whats app etc)

Mega Piano is constantly being updated with additional challenges and advancements that get added to the game. This is the fastest way to get updates on our games, which can go right to your Smartphone if you have the free Twitter app. If you have enjoyed our games then please click “Like Us” on the fan page and help support our team in keeping up the great work we have already been doing. Then we can continue to create and release great games like Mega Piano in the future.

Mega Piano tiles Screenshots:

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