Face Changer Prank

Face Changer is the ultimate application that allows you to cut and swap faces with each other! Create some funny pictures with your friend’s face on a Monkey or a Giraffe body!

Play a prank on friends with Face Changer by swapping one face with another! Pose with the hottest movie stars, the neighbourhood cutie or even your friend’s girl/guy!

It’s the best photo editor tool for your photos. No more long drawn processes of Photoshop and other professional photo editing softwares just get Face Changer!
It is the perfect application to help you create the perfect custom photo!

Add people into photos, choose the perfect background and get that perfect picture!

With Face Changer you can cut multiple pictures and merge them together into one fun picture! Miss someone in the family picture just cut them out from another picture and add them to the family picture.

Face Changer is simple to use!
 Select a picture from your photo gallery or click a new picture using the app camera
 Use your finger to trace out the face you want to cut
 You can either cut out the face you traced or remove the face and use the rest of the picture
 Choose a background from your gallery
 Save and share with any one and on any social network

Face Changer Prank Screenshots:

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