my piano HD

My Piano Hd is a FREE piano app for Android. With actual sampled piano sounds, a photo-real multi-touch keyboard, and configurable key-labels, Piano hd is a great app for beginners. The main display consists of eight white keys (for a full C-to-C scale) and five black keys. The keys light up when you touch them and multiple keys can be pressed at the same time to play chords. Slide your finger across the keys and they'll each play a note when touched, just like using a real piano or keyboard! Key labels can optionally be configured to show notes and/or left and right hand finger positions, which is useful for beginners with the Discovery Act "Learn to Play Piano" books that teach using finger positions. By selecting one of up to three octaves, two or three phones can be placed side-to-side to get an extended piano keyboard.
If you feel a headache in the head, but you have access to a piano and rehearse it a bit in order to feel comfortable

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