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If you are a child who is fond of watching cartoons and guessing riddles. If you are an adult who enjoys playing funny educational games with your kids.

Download our funny cartoon quiz and it’ll give you a large number of hours of fun and useful leisure. For sure, the game will be attractive for intellectual games and puzzles lovers.

The task of the game is to guess the name of the character by picture. As soon as you pass the levels the task is becoming more complicated – it’s depicted not the whole character, but only part of it. This is a great opportunity to test and train the child's attention and watchfulness. Will he be able to guess the well-known character only by his eye, ear or creases of his cloak? And how much happiness will it be because of the right answer!

You get 14 letters. Some of them are "necessary” to create a name that you need to guess. But among them there are also the "extra” letters that will try to confuse you.

You have two types of prompts:
1. "Bomb" removes all the "extra letters". It’s very effective prompt, but don’t rush to use it at the first difficulties – it will be "recharged" in 24 hours.
2. "Peep letter" will show you the letter that this word contains exactly. Of course, your chance will be increased more if you peep the first letter of the word, but it won’t be easy. This prompt will be "recharged" in 12 hours.

If all of your prompts are exhausted, but you want to pass the level right now, you can use one more opportunity to get help – ask friends to prompt you. This could be done through the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte.

For now quiz consists of 50 levels, and this is just the beginning!

Play an entertaining, fun and rewarding game together – with your children, parents, friends!

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