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Do you love brain storming puzzle trivia games? If yes, free app Social Trivia – 4 pics 1 word will keep you entertained for long on your android device. It has very simple algorithm to play with but the game has intricate and embedded challenges that makes it truly brain stimulating and interesting like.

How to play the game?

As implied by name, the app Social Trivia runs on logic based guessing only. Players will get a puzzle picture formed of 4 or more pieces. The image you find after solving the puzzle reveals the word you must enter. The player has to search and find the meaning or definition of the image and type in its name if it's a landmark or the depiction of the picture. The player has to write the word according to the word count given below the pictures.

Now you can play this ultimate guess game word puzzle trivia with hints but you have to be eligible for availing hints. Download the game now for free and get more details at your fingertips!!

App’s features:

The Pictures and word guess game is a quality puzzle play with some additional app integrated features. Before you download the app, take a look at these features:

• Simple and easy to navigate user interface
• Pictures are presented with digital precision, and the symmetry can be guessed once you observe the images closely and comprehensively,
• You can share a picture turned into a puzzle with any friend via Facebook
• If you don't know the answer of a picture you can share that puzzle on Facebook to get a response from your friends via comments to that shared picture
• Easy to understand but provides lots of tickles to brain
• Post download you can play the app unlimited

Download the app Social Trivia – 4 pics 1 word and start its quiz like guessing frenzy. You will surely find the game interesting enough for its addictive challenge. As an added benefit, by playing the picture guessing game you will surely enhance your observation, thought processing, vocabulary, and cognitive skill for solving different levels of brain teaser riddles.

Social Trivia Screenshots:

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