Quiz of Harry Potter Character

Do you think that you are the greatest Harry Potter fan? Test yourself with this funny game for Android.

You have to guess the name of all the characters of Harry Potter. You will see images of the characters and you will have to write correctly their name. If you need help, you can unblock a letter by clicking the light bulb at the top of the screen. Everytime you hit a character you will have 2 extra hints. Try to finish both levels faster than your friends to prove that you are number 1 fan.

On each screen is displayed a picture of character. With the letters that appear below you have to write the name of the brand is. For each correct answer you get 2 coins. If you have difficulties to find any of the names you can use a hint by pressing the lightbulb in the top of the screen. The cost of each hint is 5 coins.
Challenge your friends to see who is able to complete 40 levels in less time.

Character Trivia Game
– Hints to avoid blocking.
– More than 40 characters.
– Awesome images HD.

Quiz of Harry Potter Character Screenshots:

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