Build Your Own Robot!

You are not just building a Meccanoid Personal Robot, you’re building a friend! Meccanoid is a personality in its own right – with an intelligence shaped by you! Meccanoid tells jokes, plays games, etc….
Meccanoid can be programmed 3 different ways: LIM Programming, Ragdoll Programming & Motion Capture. Ragdoll & Motion Capture can only be activated through the Meccanoid app.

Do you have a Meccanoid?

Once you have built your Meccanoid, download the app to unlock additional programming features!
Ragdoll: In this mode, you can control Meccanoid’s arm and foot motors to make Meccanoid twist, turn or move any way you want.
Motion Capture: In this mode, the app uses the camera to follow your movements as Meccanoid mirrors your every action!

You are in control!

The app allows you to create your own choreographed moves developed by you! Record sound & motor movement and simply play it back.

· Meccanoid burst on the scene in 2015 and has already won several awards around the globe!
· 2015 Last Gadget Standing at CES (Living in Digital Times)
· 2015 Best of CES 2015 – Best Toy (PC Mag)
· 2015 Top Pick at CES 2015 – Geek Beat TV
· 2015 “10 Best Gadgets and Gizmos at Toy Fair” Award (Popular Science)
· 2015 “Best in Class: Education” (Maker Faire Bay Area)
· 2015 Grand Prix du Jouet 2015 (France)
· 2015 Innovation Toy of the Year (Sweden)

Meccanoid Screenshots:

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