Kids Coloring & Painting World

A true app masterpiece for children – this artistic game creates enjoyable experiences and supports development at the same time. As Picasso once said: β€œIt took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a life time to paint like a child.” Well who knows, maybe you have your little own Picasso, Rembrandt, Dali or Monet right at home and you still don't know it πŸ™‚

These Colouring Books will help your kids develop their creativity, as well as their aesthetic skills; work on their fine motor skills, stimulate a different form of self-expression and learn more about their emotions.

Coloring & Painting is much more than just a simple activity, it is a way for children to do many important things: convey ideas, explore color, process and outcomes and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences. With "Kids Coloring and Painting World" now you can allow your toddlers to freely work with paints and colour without worrying that you'll have to clean up a big mess after each fun creative session.

31 Themes with 191 hand drawn age-appropriate illustrations:
* Planes & Hot Air Balloon (airplanes up in the sky, helicopters and hot air balloons, you'll find your favorite here)
* Space (paint numerous planets of different sizes, astronauts or spaceships & UFO's)
* Mountains (beautiful sceneries waiting to be brought to life with a little painting magic)
* Trees (green ones, red ones, yellow ones, fruity ones why not even pink ones)
* Dinosaurs (A real Jurassic park is hidden here, Brontosaurus, Tyrranosaurus, Pterosaurus and many more)
* Ice cream (Yummy and colorful, in a cone, or in a bowl, it can't get any tastier than this)
* Luggage (Going somewhere? Your kids will get busy with painting suitcases and backpacks while you do all the packing)
* Shoes & Socks (Who's for a walk? Put your best shoes on and you're good to go)
* Monsters (you won't find cuter monsters in any other game on the market, you'll love them all)
* Animals (wild animals, farm animals, insects or birds, we've got everything)
* Ball (for your athletic kids, do they like basketball, football, baseball, tennis, you name it..)
* Beach (palm trees, boats, beach, sand castles, you name it..)
* Cakes (the yummiest of all, if you like cakes, muffins and all sorts of desserts you'll love this one)
* Cars (bus, truck, bike, all sorts of transportation are in this theme)
* Clothes (do you prefer boys clothes, girls clothes, shoes or maybe even accessories)
* Flowers (yes, your girls will love it, bouquets, roses, wildflowers, such a romantic theme)
* Fruits (from apples and oranges to bananas and grapes, lovely illustrations that will awaken your appetite)
and many more..

* 4 Amazing textures representing real brushes, markers, color pencils and crayons with different sizes to choose from
* Slider color picker representing a vibrant 68 – color pallet
* Start over with your painting in just one click or erase it partially, whichever works best for you
* Save your painting to the gallery and edit later
* Cool music which you can turn on/off
* Built-in gallery to store all the coloring masterpieces & share them with friends and family
* Showcase your art on our Art Wall of Fame πŸ™‚

Privacy Disclosure:
As parents ourselves, iAbuzz takes children's wellness and privacy very seriously. Our app:
* Does not contain links to social networks
* Does not contain any advertising
* Does not collect personal data

Feedback Please:`We would be glad to hear from you as we are committed to update all of our apps and games on a regular basis with new features and also want to get some ideas for future app development.

* All the drawing illustrations in this game are created by iAbuzz, and all their copyright belongs solely to Abuzz D.O.O. Macedonia.

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