Balloon POP Games for toddlers

Games for toddlers: pop balloons is enjoyable game help toddlers develop important skills like memory and strategic thinking. Four educational free games all in one! Animal sounds, animal funny, colors, shapes, bubbles and balloons!

Game 1&2: how to play. It’s easy: tap to shoot!!!

-You only have 30 seconds!
-Tap as many balloons you can to do the best score!

Game 3: It’s easy, just tap to shoot again!!!

-You only have 30 seconds but you have to avoid black balloons.. or you lose all points!
-Look for special balloons and allow you to make more points.
-Tap as many balloons you can without errors and you can win more points.

Game 4. Learn the names of the Animals Balloons: Reddy the red octopus, Monna the monkey, Girry the giraffe, Tiggy the tiger and many others!

The game for kids is a great way to learn and acquire new skills!

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