CosmoCamp: Coloring Book

With over 40 pages of whimsical pictures that recollect Migo and Pandy’s stories and encounters in their CosmoCamper, let your child discover en extensive palette of colors, sparkles and special paint brushes, as well as the magical soap bubbles that can clean any mess! In a successful combination of simplicity and entertainment, the intuitive interface helps children quickly master the application on their own for hours upon hours of pure fun!

CosmoCamp: Coloring Book offers two sets of fun tools specially adapted for the toddler and preschooler stages of development. Combining imagination-bursting illustrations and exciting interactive effects, CosmoCamp: Coloring Book reinforces the users’ artistic and creative development, while carefully designed to be child-safe and skill-building.

CosmoCamp: Coloring Book features:
– Forty (40) images to color
– Two (2) drawing modes that adapt the interface to toddler or preschooler level
– Twenty (20) colors and twenty (20) funny patterns
– Beautiful, fully-colored illustrations children can unveil using the Magic Wand
– Magic soap bubbles to clear the drawings
– Four (4) special brushes and a paint bucket tool
– An interactive surface with special effects to spark your child’s imagination.

The application is available in two languages:
– English
– French

CosmoCamp: Coloring Book comes in English and French, and defaults to your device’s language settings during the initial launch of the application. To set a different language, you may launch your device’s Settings application, then go to: General > International > Language, or select the desired language directly from the Parent Zone within the application.

Frima Studio, Canada’s largest independent game developer, teamed up with child development specialists from a renowned Canadian university to offer parents meaningful, skill-building, yet fun, child-oriented apps.

Recommended ages: 2-3, 4-5

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