Eastern Princess Fairies

An Enchanted World inhabited by Magical Princess Fairies was discovered recently! The entire Planet is a mystery by itself yet, except for the Eastern Continent, which started to reveal its magic and has shown the presence of four beautiful characters!

Emeldir, Arrakis, Tehanu and Gladia prepared you a great time of amusement with tons of activities and tasks, as different as their own style and region! Are you ready to become a Princess Fairy yourself?

Every Princess Fairy has 3 mini games: make up & spa, dress up and her own unique game. This makes a total of 12 fairy mini games and extra game features!

Game features

Emeldir, the Valley Princess Fairy
Play dress up, make up, spa and her unique game Wild Yogurt. From picking wild berries to sweeten the yogurt with honey, it is a beautiful and realistic step-by-step game for learning to prepare a healthy and natural snack at home too!

Arrakis, the Desert Princess Fairy
Play dress up, make up, spa and her unique game Fairy Garden. From mixing different kinds of soils to watering the seeds and slips, it’s an educative and realistic step-by-step game to make an elaborate mini garden in a pot!

Tehanu, the Reef Princess Fairy
Play dress up, make up, spa and her unique game Reef Memory, which is a stimulating memory card game with realistic graphics and sounds. You can earn a lot of TutoCOINS to unlock tasks and buy new clothing for all the Fairies!

Gladia, the Moon Princess Fairy
Play dress up, make up, spa and her unique game Moonstones Hunt, where you have to pick the gemstones from Lunar rocks and it gets faster and faster! The view from here is spectacular!

A magnificent Zen Garden with all the collectible items you will earn by playing! Can you unlock the statue of the Princess Fairy?

“Magic Fortune”, “Movie for Coins” and “Daily Bonus” will give you TutoCOINS for free, just as playing. So don’t miss any action!

Incredible and original sounds and music to enrich the experience while playing and completing the Magical Map!

* Incredibly beautiful graphics!
* 120 pieces of clothing!
* Original dresses and styles!
* Original makeups!
* Magical manicure and fairy wing painting!
* Picking, ingredients mix, cutting, washing actions!
* Mixing, watering, sowing, covering, caring actions!
* Marvelous music and sounds!
* Natural sounds in mini games!
* Realistic and doable mini games at home!
* Many free ways to earn TutoCOINS!
* Hidden Geography lessons 😉

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