Paint Pot Lite

Welcome to Paint Pot Lite.

This is the free version of the kids coloring book app designed for pre-school children, aged between 2 and 5 years old.
Paint Pot Lite is an easy to use app which allows children to learn through play, on both large screen mobile phones and tablets.
Whilst playing, your child will quickly learn about color, design and hand eye coordination with fun simple pictures to paint, without having the worry of painting outside the lines of the image!

This Lite coloring book version contains 5 pictures to color and will allow you to try the app. Look out for the full version due to be released very soon which will contain many pictures for hours of coloring fun!

There are no adverts or in-app purchases to worry about your child pressing in this app.

If you have version 5 of Android you can use Screen Pinning to lock the app whilst your child is playing so they will not be able to exit the app from the normal device buttons. This can be quite useful if you want to leave your child playing the app for example on a long car journey.

Have fun and enjoy the world of color whatever your age!

Special thanks go to:
Jim Hawkins for his hard work with the program tool design.
David Gervais for graphic icons and logos.
Jeff Woodruff for the title music and sound effects.

Known issues:
Save feature – if you find you can’t see the saved picture on your device, then just restart the phone or tablet and it will be in your device gallery. This is currently being fixed as we speak so watch out for an update soon.

All work (c) copyright Leap 2015

Paint Pot Lite Screenshots:

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