I introduce you an application that makes paper toys for parents who doesn't have crafty hands to make it for their own. Families can make paper toys via FOLDi and share memories and love.
Foldi offers a 3D planar figure which can upload the photos of you and your family. Moreover, you can put stickers on the photos and even color the surfaces with your favorite colors.
Now, let's make paper toys that is customized for only your family.
Let's start with FOLDi!

Special Features
1. Simple User Interface Only Optimized for Toy Making.
2. Various Design Samples
Including figures like circles, triangles and cubes or familiar objects like houses and cars. Plus, it includes a cute animal friend like giraffes! Anyone can enjoy different designs that isn't bounded by genres.
3. A Live 3D Rendering
An accurate system that links the planar figure drawn by the users with the 3D rendering enables the users to check the result with a preview.
4. Coloring
You can color the surfaces with 23 different colors.
5. Put Photos up
All the memories with your family can be treasured by putting the family photos inside the paper toy.
6. Put Stickers on
The cute stickers provided can live up the paper toy! And the stickers are going to be updated promptly.
7. Save and Share
You can share the paper toy via Facebook and e-mail after you have saved your designing.

FOLDi Screenshots:

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