Jelly 8 – color shape for kids

Jelly 8 is a selection of eight exciting mini games that promote colour, shape and number recognition. The app combines the Active Learning approach with Multi-Sensory Education encouraging children to engage in creative experiments, play with colours, shapes and numbers the way they wish and as long as they wish.

Jelly 8 is a process-oriented playground app promoting endless creativity and fun, and there is no time limits or goal pressure. At the same time the app allows children to immediately observe the results of their creative experiments. Learning numbers, colours and shapes is a by-product of this exciting adventure full of colours, sounds and surprises!

Let your kids mix colours and see what happens, feed jelly monsters with the self-made shapes, become a DJ and make music to see their creations come to life!

Main Features:
– promotes shape, number and colour recognition
– uses the Active Learning approach – children learn by doing and experimenting
– effective Multi-Sensory presentation – children play with colours, shapes, sounds and touch
– introduces a new approach to number presentation using the Intelligent Multi-Touch Recognition
– promotes a creative expression – children can experiment with colours, shapes, numbers and sounds
– provides the playground/sandbox approach – children can interact with the app content as they wish
– fully process-oriented – no time limits or goal pressure
– promotes the development of reasoning and cause & effect – children can see the results of their actions immediately

Mini Games:
– Finger Count
– Future Instruments
– Monster Trio
– Colour Bootles
– Jelly Animal Shapes
– Slice and Bounce
– Feed me Shapes
– Rolling Shapes

Additional Features
– no ads
– no in-app purchases
– ideal for kids aged 3 to 5

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