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Meow, meow! Do you have a little kitten that adores cute and cuddly cats? Then pounce over for some kitty cat fun with the Cat Games For Kids Girls Free Activity App! Your little one will have a sweet time playing with kitty cat puzzles, cat kid games girl, and this cat games for girls apps includes an amazing interactive feature- a cat soundboard with moving cats! Your little one will get to hear cat noises and see them moving in this super cute activity app designed for ages 2 & up, and first time app users.

When you download the Cat Games For Toddlers Soundboard & Activity App you’ll get a basket of kitten fun with:
8 KITTEN SOUNDS- Interactive fun with tap and tap sounds that will delight cat lovers of all ages.
2 CAT PUZZLES- Designed for ages 3 & up these darling are sure to entertain.
1 KITTY CAT MATCH GAME- A purr-fect way to play with cute kitties and designed for ages 3 & up.
1 CUPCAKE THROW GAME- This fun game is so cute for ages 2 & up.
Fun Cam- Take pics and insert them into the cute ears and whiskers backgrounds!

Cute Kitten Games Soundboard
The cute cat games activity app features this very fun and interactive soundboard. Your little one will hear cat meows, kitten sounds free, kitten meows, & cat purring sounds. AND they will also get to see the cats and kittens moving when they make their cat noises! With the easy to use interactive tap and tap sounds your little one will get to experience cats and kittens like never before.

Kitten Puzzles
The Cat Games For Kids Girls Free activity app has even more fun for little ones- the cats puzzles! And playing the cat kid games will also encourage:
-Fine motor skills
-Reasoning and concept development
-Early math skills
How To Play Puzzle
Tap “Randomize” on any puzzle and it will magically shuffle. And if your little kitten doesn’t like the look of that one, just press Randomize again to shake it up differently.

*Some other fun ways to let your little ones under the age of 4 play with the puzzles also is:
1. Count the cats, clouds, flowers, and the other cute things in the pictures. Ask what color they are, what’s bigger or smaller, and what’s on the top and bottom of each picture.
2. Let them tap randomize, slide a few pieces and then tap the back button. This is a simple way to introduce them to using the kitty cat game for kids, develop fine motor skills, and it’s very entertaining for them to see the puzzles scramble.

Kitty Cat Match Game
Another delight-filled bit of fun in the cat kids game are the kitten memory games! Your little one will have a blast playing this cat games free for kids and it also promotes:
-Fine motor skills.
-Memory and recognition skills.
-Vocabulary and language.
-Color and cat recognition.

Design Team: Tom, Nancy, Deborah, Sam, Thomas & Belle-Ann.

Have a sweet and cuddly time playing with kittens and cats, and experiencing their sounds as never before in the Cat Sounds & Cat Games For Kids Girls Free Activity App and let your child have fun learning through play with a Play n’ Learn App!

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