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Picture book for toddlers is a fun and educational app for children between the ages 1-3 years! Through sight and sound there are 115 different words and items to get acquainted with. Your child will easily progress through the action by dragging on the screen. When you click on an animal, a vehicle or another item it gets animated and its special sound is played, for example a dog barking. A voice will reveal the name of the item displayed.

In Guess the Item, 4 different images are shown and a voice will ask the child to locate a certain item, for example "Where is the airplane?". If the child taps the correct item, it gets animated and its special sound is played.

The images are divided into 8 different categories:

– Animals
– Vehicles
– Music
– Fruit
– Clothing
– Colors
– At Home
– Guess The Item

The interface is well defined, interactive and excellently designed to suit small children – all in English.

Kids games are a great way for the child and parent to have a fun time together, while learning something along the way. Toddlers quickly learn to use this application by themselves and then it can be used to keep a toddler occupied during a car trip or any time when the parents want some peace and quiet.

Picture Book For Toddlers is a free game. All images are of great picture quality and contain cars, animals, trains, musical instruments and much more. The game is best suited for kids aged 1, 2 or 3 years old and is a great way to learn words and sounds of different objects.

With 115 beautiful, sharp and high-resolution images your child will learn words in a fun and interactive way!

There are eight languages to choose from: English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish and Dutch.

The app has been carefully tested by children 1-3 years old and is of course free from banners and advertising.

– App for kids
– HD photos of more than 115 animals, vehicles, cars, trains, colors and much more.
– Objects specifically chosen for kids and toddlers
– Optimized for kids 1-3 years old
– Downloaded more than 500 000 times on iOS
– Carefully tested on both phones & tablets
– Available in English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish and Dutch
– Free to try!

Picture Book For Toddlers is brought to you by Tappy Happy, creators of highly popular educational games for kids – downloaded over 6 million times!

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