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Let's take care of our wonderful farm with mathematics.

Since small children have a hard time concentrating on one thing for a long time, they often struggle learning addition for longer periods. But, what if we approach it from another angle? What if we integrate math into an entertaining game plot? Here comes one of our bestselling BabyBus apps: Baby Farm.

This edutainment app combines basic mathematics with a game plot set on a vegetable farm. What you can see is no longer tedious calculation, but a place of joy and fun. During their time spend here, the little ones learn logical thinking and basic mathematics while enjoying the different tasks at the farm.

– Four steps in the planting process – each with their own special traits.
– Sow seeds, water plants, get rid of insects, and harvest the vegetables.
– Charming Panda Kiki and the lovely designed game scenes attract children’s interest
– The character’s different reactions help kids learn to judge between right and wrong answers.

Other notable features of Baby Farm:
Kid-Friendly: Easy to operate; helpful game instructions.
No third-party advertising
No in-app purchases

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