Fiete Farm

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Experience a day on the farm with sailor Fiete: drive a tractor, feed the cat and the pigs, care for the cow and the chickens, harvest carrots, shear sheep and saw wood like a real farmer and much much more. After all, a whole day on the farm has plenty of exciting chores in store for you.

When the rooster crows in the morning, all the animals on the farm awake.. only Fiete, Hinnerk and Hein are still sound asleep. Are you able wake the three of them up? This hand-drawn farmyard app makes it easy for you to feel like a real farmer and play 14 great levels.

You will explore the farm with Fiete from sunrise to sunset. And after you have fed all the cats and harvested the apples, the pigs are clean and you have finished tilling the field with the tractor, you can look forward to sitting around the campfire with Fiete, Hinnerk and Hein before it’s time to say “Good Night!” again on the farm.

Accompany Fiete and his two friends Hinnerk & Hein at work for one day. Have loads of fun doing all the exciting and fun farm chores. There is so much to experience because the farmyard has endless little surprises in store for you. Just click on the funny cow or sheep in the landscape of the picture puzzle book and watch what happens 🙂

– Wake up Fiete, Hein and Hinnerk
– Collect eggs
– Harvest carrots

– Clean the pigs
– Pick apples (and don't forget to rescue the cat)
– Shear the sheep
– Drive tractor

– Milk the cow
– Feed the pigs
– Saw wood
– Give the cats milk
– Have the merchants pick up wool, milk, eggs, grain, fruits and vegetables

After the work is done:
– Enjoy the end of the work day at the campfire

– Free updates with new scenes
– scenes with lots of things to see
– intuitive, no explanation needed
– cute animals
– lovingly produced animations
– hand-painted textures
– atmospheric soundscapes


– Logical thinking
– Powers of deduction
– Concentration
– Media literacy
– Feeling for the time of day
– Sense of responsibility
– Ability to empathise

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We are Ahoiii, a small app development studio based in Cologne, Germany. We create beautifully formed apps for children, which are fun and encourage children to learn something through playing. All of our games are 100 per cent safe to use. There are no adverts or in-app purchases, but there is certainly a generous helping of humour, which is why we also enjoy playing with our own children. You can learn more about Ahoiii at

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