Connect the dots for children

Learn numbers and letters in different languages.
Connect the dots contains 60 images.
It teaches children to recognize and pronounce numbers and letters of the alphabet in a kid-friendly way.
Your child will love playing Connect the Dots, and you'll be able to relax, knowing your child is learning while having great fun.
Children tap on a series of dots that outline an animal or an object that the child usually can't quite identify. As they tap on the dots or connect the dots, the numbers and alphabet letters are pronounced. When children succeed in connecting them all, the connected dots are delightfully transformed into a colorful graphic of whatever the child has outlined.
five different languages to learn.
Preschoolers are surprised and filled with wonder to see the creatures and objects they've created "come to life" – and want to go on to create more and more of them
Kids love our games. Parents love to see their preschool-aged children being both educated and quietly happy.

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