Memory Farm Animals Cartoon !

Treat your kids to the Farm Animals Memo Puzzle this season

* Awarded with best game for kids of age 0-10 by 'Game Classics International' in 2013. 

* Number 1 in the Educational category in more than eleven countries.

This Farm Animals Cartoon Memo game has been developed for young children from age 0 to 10. This memory game entertains your child while training his or her brain at the same time. This game designed for children has great features which help develop your child’s cognitive abilities.
Try this Banana Apps Farm Animals Cartoon Memo game now!
Farm Animals Cartoon Memo is designed for children aged 0-10 years. Game level 1 is for kids aged 0-5 years and Game level 2 is for kids aged 5-10 years.
There are 40 boards to choose from with more than 50 different farm animals.
The boards in this memo game gradually become more difficult, so this game stimulates your child, in a playful way, improving short-term cognitive ability. Let your child develop and have fun together with their favourite cartoon farm animal.
If your kid loves this Farm Animals Cartoon Memo, make sure you search in the Playstore for more Banana Apps games. Search for Bananaaps (note: no space). There are other memory games but also jigsaw games and photo games.
With this Farm Animals Cartoon Memo game your child learns all the animal names and sounds while having fun. And what’s more, it is is even possible to record the names in mom or dad’s voice, making this Memo game even more fun for your kid.
Banana Apps designed this game with your child in mind. The interface is clear, interactive and completely suitable for young children. The game is easy to use, even for younger children (from 1 year old).
With the full version of the Farm Animals Cartoon Game, you can make sure your child cannot accidentally exit the game and go through the other apps on your device. All the menu items in Banana Apps games have parental lock, giving you peace of mind while your child is using your device.
So if you have your child’s wellbeing in mind, make sure you let them play with Banana Apps games. A growing brain needs challenging and stimulating so start with Farm Animals Cartoon Memo. See how your kid has lots of fun while learning and developing.

• Two levels (1 for age 0-5 and 2 for age 5 -10)
• 40 different boards with 50 different animals
• App is completely in English
• Improves short-term memory of your child
• Lots of fun

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