◆ World’s largest Kids APP Portal without commercial AD
◆ downloaded by more than 30,000,000 children and moms!
◆ Kids WORLD is the world’s largest kid’s app portal, which provides qualified contents to help children develop well-rounded abilities, including EQ, creativity and language.

◆ Kids’ WORLD includes more than 3000 Contents ◆
1. Various popular and educational animations
2. English learning (ABC, phonics, English musicals, etc),
3. Children’s classic stories
4. Natural Science
5. Various kids’ interactive games (puzzles, coloring, matching card games)
6. Various different workbooks

◆ Special Features ◆
1. 500 coins are complimentary to discover and watch up to 50 animations in Kids WORLD!
2. Download contents for free, coin charges only after 30 seconds of view
3. Downloaded contents can be viewed without WIFI
4. Free ‘Kids Play Zone’: Kids Album (take a photo with characters), ‘Toy Book’ (paint, puzzle, sticker book)
5. Kids Safety lock setting prevents unintentional payments or deletion of downloaded contents.
6. Contents are regularly updated
7. Coin Event are available to earn free coins.

◆ Info ◆
Kids WORLD is operated by coin system. The purchased coins are usable only in the device where payment was made, and they are not transferable to a different device. Subscription allows you to use in different devices if you log into account where monthly pass was bought.

◆ Kids WORLD contents are continuously updated.

◆ Contact Mail ◆

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