Preschool Games for Kids

3 preschool games for kids in one fun educational app. Children will learn counting with numbers, the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, colors, shapes, arranging objects by size, and much more. Teach your kids the smart way (some features are only available in the premium version).

This preschool game stimulates your child's mind in a variety of ways. It helps them improve concentration, memory retention, object recognition, hand-eye coordination, and logic. Preschoolers learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet and the sounds of the ABC with the guidance of a pleasant female narrator, as well as counting, sequences of, and differences between numbers. They can also practice identifying, assigning, and matching many different shapes.

Your toddlers will learn colors in the funny ice cream man game and improve memory retention. Another segment of this educational game improves your baby's reaction skills. This preschool app provides an entertaining brain workout for your child.

Features (some only available in the premium version):

– 3 preschool games for kids
– all-in-one educational app for your toddler
– learn the alphabet
– sounds of letters
– teach counting
– comparing numbers
– learn colors
– shapes for preschoolers
– matching objects
– improve pronunciation
– train memory
– high-resolution graphics
– high-quality sound effects
– no ads

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