Little Mermaid Kids’ Storybook

A magical fantasy – the famous story comes to life in an interactive new book! HD graphics – Fun interactions – Wholesome family fun for you & your children!

The Little Mermaid is a beautiful interactive & magical production of one of the most famous fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. Discover a magical world under the sea & help a young mermaid find the love of her life. See this remarkable story come to life like never before!!! Enjoy amazing interactive activities, superb animation and brilliant sound effects your children are sure to enjoy.

Exciting and Educational Games on Each Page of The Little Mermaid – An Interactive Children's Storybook for Kids & Parents:
★ Jigsaw puzzles – Awesome puzzles enhance the story and promote critical thinking skills
★ Paint-a-Picture – Dozens of coloring pages and paints
★ Get crafty with your kids and show their masterpieces with friends!
★ Counting – 1 to 10 counting game is cool and fun
★ Memory Match – Fire up your child’s memory skills with this smart activity!
★ Placement Puzzle – Place a character in their puzzle piece
★ Find the Item – Critical thinking skills and memory come together in this fun activity
★ Memorize and Place – A great memory game that relates to the story and sharpens retention

✽ What’s Inside The Little Mermaid – An Interactive Children's Storybook for Kids & Parents:
★ Discover a kingdom with many animated sea creatures beneath the sea
★ Join the prince & celebrate his birthday party in a festive cruise – fun activity
★ Help the little mermaid rescue the prince to shore – interactive animated activity
★ Watch how the fairy casts a spell & gives the mermaid human legs – pure magic
★ Join the wedding of the prince & the little mermaid – A joyous celebration

This interactive storybook provides endless hours of pleasure, through its beautiful storyline and fascinating animated scenes, as well as its vivid and colorful animations and its engaging interactions.

The Little Mermaid – An Interactive Children's Storybook for Kids & Parents Features:
★ Beautiful HD illustrations joined with a rich narrative on every page
★ Enjoy numerous engaging and fun animations on every page
★ “Read to Me” – automatically reads each page of the story to you
★ “Read it Myself” – allows you to control the reading yourself
★ “Auto Play” – automatically reads the entire story to you

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