Monki Hide & Seek 2 – For Kids

Welcome to Monki Hide and Seek 2!

Monkimun creates #1 Language Learning Apps for Kids 2 – 6 and this is our new pack of lessons! Encourage & help your kids become bilingual by playing – they won’t even notice they’re learning non-stop.

Come play with your friends in Monkiland and learn many new words in different languages.

Find our animal friends and have fun while discovering a magical world. Go to the park and help the caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly. Ever seen a Yeti? You can find one in the Snow Forest. Come with us to the desert to see how a camel looks after visiting with aliens from another planet! Find a treasure deep in the ocean or say hi to a squid, anything is possible at Monki Hide & Seek 2.

Enjoy this app with your kid – you’ll love it too!

This app includes 4 mini-games where your child will learn prepositions and nature-related vocabulary in three different languages. Let your kid tap every animal and detail—most of them have surprises which will amaze both of you, be engaging and fun, and teach vocabulary to your little one.

– 4 different mini-games, the first one for FREE.
– Designed by language learning experts.
– For preschoolers, early learners and young children (2 to 6 years old).
– 100+ audio tracks with grammatical structures and educational vocabulary.
– 50+ hilarious animations to create a friendly environment.
– 3 languages to choose from: Spanish, English, Chinese.
– No third-party advertising.

Science has shown that children’s brains are especially wired for language learning. The more a child is exposed to a language the greater chance of becoming bilingual. With our apps kids learn without even knowing it, thanks to their playful approach.

Monkimun is an award-winning studio that designs fun language educational games for children. We make language-learning fun and natural for young learners. We do so in a safe environment and without third-party advertising.


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