Pororo’s Flashcard

Play with the flashcards and learn the names of different objects in Korean and English as you read,
write and speak while familiarizing yourself with the pictures.


2. Main Features

Listen and repeat, write and play games as you look at the pictures to learn new words while having fun.

My Badges
Collect Pororo and friends badges while you play with the flashcards.

You will receive a Pororo stamp on the days you play with the flashcards, so you can always go back and review the words you learned.


3. Contents

Learn vocabulary according to subjects
– Learn 150 words under 7 different subjects; My Home, Food, Numbers, Tools and Machines, Animals, Riders, Characters
– Learn: Look at the pictures and hear the names to learn new words.
– Test: Name the objects as you look at the pictures.
– Quiz: Pop the word-balloon that matches the picture
– Write: Copy the words or practice writing on your own.

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