All-In-One Intellijoy App Pack

Small but Mighty
This All-in-One Pack is a tiny app (only 2 MB) that allows users to download the full premium versions of all of the current and future Intellijoy's apps.

Comes with a Free 3-Day Trial
The trial includes unlimited free access to all the premium functionality of every Intellijoy app. There are no gimmicks involved and no sign-up whatsoever is required.

Subscription Rate
After the free three day trial, choose one of the following three plans:
• $2.99/month
• $11.99/year (save 66% compared to monthly)
• $21.99/forever (save 50% compared to buying apps individually – regular price for all 19 apps: $45.80)

Subscribers and Trial Users Get Unlimited Access to All Our Existing and Future Premium Apps
As long as you're subscribed or are a trial user, you will be able to download and use any of Intellijoy's premium full-version apps at no charge.

Currently Includes 18 Apps
Currently, there are 18 apps already available for download through this All-in-One app.

1) Kids ABC Letters
2) Kids ABC Phonics
3) Kids ABC Trains
4) Kids Learn Colors
5) Kids Shapes and Colors
6) Kids Learn about Animals
7) Kids Numbers and Math
8) Kids Preschool Puzzle
9) Kids Learn to Read
10) Kids Sight Words
11) Tap and Color
12) Kids Painting
13) Kids Learn about Music
14) First Grade Math Word Problems
15) Kids Telling Time
16) Kids Connect the Dots
17) Kids Professions Dressing Game
18) Kids Draw with Shapes
19) Kids Shape Puzzles Halloween

One Subscription Spans All of Your Android Devices
As long as you are are logged in with the same Google account, your subscription will allow you to use this pack on any of your devices, at no additional charge.

Future Apps
Furthermore, we are constantly working on new apps. As soon as they are released, new apps become included in this All-in-One subscription at no extra charge to you.

Use this App to Download, Launch and Update the Apps
This All-in-One app will also allow you to launch all the apps from within it and to keep the apps updated.

For those using the Restricted Profiles feature
All-in-One now supports Restricted Profiles feature (if your device offers it). Just be sure to download the apps from within All-in-One using the main profile and then share them (and the All-in-One app itself) with one or more of the restricted profiles.

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