Nico Explore Your Bathroom

"Probably you will never be able to remember how scared you were the first time you had to go to the bathroom by yourself but I am plenty sure I will never forget your little smile when you could finally overcome the first challenge of your life" My mom.

Become Immerse with your children and Nico in an adventure between bubbles and fun that will transform a routine in the most enjoyable moments of the day.

Now you have a great ally to teach your kids to take their first steps in self-care activities and help them create healthy hygiene habits.

Feel confident while your child is learning in a friendly environment imagined and designed with love to improve their personal development.

** National winner of Creative Business Cup – ( Center for Cultural and Experience Economy I Denmark)

Enjoy an adventure accompanied of Nico, a little character that will help your kids learn daily activities to be done at the bathroom. The game has attractive educational challenges including: washing hands, going to the bathroom,potty training, taking a shower or brushing teeth.

It is also necessary to learn the basic items that are needed to take a shower, go to the bathroom, wash your hands or brush the teeth. So before going to play each activity, your child should recognize and choose from the items listed to successfully complete each activity.

Includes a narrator's voice to guide activities, making it great for any childĀ“s development as the game provides great support and clarity.

Smart stimuli: NICO includes aural, graphic and sensory stimuli developed specially to transmit friendly, simple and easy messages which are programmed to be activated in an intelligent manner.

If your child does not choose the correct item for the indicated activity, the item becomes opaque and blocked, unable to be used, avoiding repetitive behaviors that generate stress for not advancing. Also, the sound effects are only present when the correct actions are performed to reinforce learning and to avoid confusing stimulus for children.

Download the app and see what it is about!

Step by step: Everything has an order, and with this app your child will learn the sequence of performing each activity successfully, but do not worry it does not limit the fun!

Learning to read: with written guides you can teach your child to identify words.

– Nico makes funny gestures and expresses his emotions when he is dirty or needs to go to the bathroom
– Choose potty or if your child is ready, choose the toilet
– Background music and sound effects that enhance the learning experience for your child.
– Recommended for children aged 2-6 years or children who are learning self-care activities
– Do not worry! The application does not have bothersome third-party advertising your child will always explore and learn without disruption
– Control settings for parents: prevents your child from accessing the options menu and application settings
– With no IN-APP purchases, your pocket will be safe from any careless finger
– Friendly: Nico has an adventurous spirit; always seeks to explore the surrounding environment while still smiling
– Constantly reinforces the good deeds and achievements of children, through visual and auditory stimuli, allowing them to feel proud of themselves, without worrying or overwhelming them when they make a mistake.
– Adequate and easy to use interface for children.

help your child develop other skills with your teaching and with the support of Nico:

Motor skills

Let your child learn and explore with Nico!


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