Kids Learn English with Busuu

★ A fun way to learn!
Vocabulary is learned in bitesize chunks through interactive games.

`Each time an exercise is completed a watering can will water a flower in the child’s language garden, causing it to grow. These plants hold a secret – they are made from a crazy combination of vocabulary pictures, guaranteed to make kids laugh! In addition to this, motivational phrases encourage the child to progress through the exercises.

★ User-friendly interface`No help required, kids will go through the activities with ease, whether in the back seat of the car or sitting in the shopping trolley!

★ An enjoyable environment

Expert methodology
Each lesson follows a 5 step methodology to gradually help your child:
❀ Discover vocabulary
❀ Learn the vocabulary

This version offers you 3 units, completely free!
✓ Colours
✓ Numbers
✓ Pets
✓ The face
✓ Farm animals
✓ Fruit
✓ Numbers 2
✓ Family
✓ The body
✓ Vegetables
✓ Clothes
✓ Accessories
✓ Toys
✓ My house
✓ Rooms
✓ Furniture
✓ Transport
✓ At the park
✓ Numbers 3
✓ Fun
✓ Weather
✓ Numbers 4
✓ In the classroom
✓ Stationery
✓ Music
✓ Wild animals
✓ Insects
✓ Senses
✓ Sports
✓ Hobbies

The app is aimed at children aged 4-7, with content gradually increasing in complexity, but even adults will enjoy the fun-filled busuu Kids experience!

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