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Join Cowy and her friends as they celebrate her birthday by focusing on a variety of preschool and language skills.
Decorate the party, help with the birthday cake and break open the piñata. Monki Birthday Party is more than an amusing game for children; it’s an opportunity to learn language skills while having fun.

“Monki Birthday Party is a super cute app that toddlers and preschoolers will easily be engaged in … this app stands out among it's preschool app peers.”
“Monki Birthday Party was designed by experts of language and you’ll honestly notice this.“
“I love all of the language and learning that takes place inside this app and I can't wait to add it to my lesson plans…”

This app includes 4 mini-games where your child will practice lots of skills, like shape identification, size, comparison, colors and counting. The app requires children to listen and follow simple instructions to move from activity to activity.

– Four mini-games. First game FREE.
– Designed by language learning experts.
– For preschool, early learners and young children.
– 90+ audio tracks with grammatical structures and educational vocabulary.
– Covers counting, shapes, colors, size and comparison.
– 4 languages to choose from: Spanish, English, Chinese, Portuguese.
– Multimodal communication: touch, blow, move the tablet.
– No third-party advertising.

​Our apps are designed ​by experts to combine​ fun and learning. While they ​have ​fun​, ​your children​ are learning vocabulary and phrase building in your language of choice. The app can be used to reinforce a child’s mother tongue or to introduce the sounds and structure of a second language

Science has shown that children’s brains are especially wired for language learning. The more a child is exposed to a language the greater chance of becoming bilingual. With our apps kids learn without even knowing it, thanks to their playful approach.

Monkimun is an award-winning studio that designs fun language educational games for children. We make language-learning fun and natural for young learners. We do so in a safe environment and without third-party advertising.


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