Hi-Tech Mom Family Storybook

Busy, Multi-Tasking Moms will Adore this Modern Story of Balancing Work & Family
Meet a Hi-Tech Mom and her Son who Fantasizes about Different Jobs for his Mom
Amazing Graphics and Interactive Elements Bring this Clever Story to Life!

Crazed, multi-tasking, working moms who desperately juggle the challenges of work, life and family, this story app, Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom – An Original Interactive Educational Family Storybook, is for you and your kids! Are you rushing to get your child to school on time? Do you sometimes not make it home for bedtime? Are you tethered to technology finding it hard to pull away at home? Do you have days when you just don’t feel like a good mommy? We get it! This story is for you!

This original story of a hi-tech mother who works day and night will resonate with all working mothers who struggle to have quality time with their kids and family and also get their work done. In this story, a little boy fantasizes what it would be like if his mom changed jobs. Maybe the mother should become a farmer or a police officer or a writer. Mother and son go through the options of what life would be like if the mom had another gig.

Ultimately, the mom doesn’t switch jobs, but promises her son that she will spend more time with him. It’s a sweet, modern tale of the tugs of technology, work and family. Working mothers and children can appreciate and enjoy Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom – An Original Interactive Educational Family Storybook together. For all of those moms whose kids have said, “mommy, please don’t go to work today” or “mommy, please get another job,” this story will make you smile.

! It’s another super cool and sweet story your kids will love. This story is perfect for the entire family.

Features inside Busy Mommy, Hi-Tech Mom – An Original Interactive Educational Family Storybook
✔ Kids tap on all of the street lights and building lights and make them flicker
✔ Kids tap the spotlight in the theater and see mom’s outfit change for each new job the son imagines
✔ Interactive elements on each page of the book- cool graphics inside their hi-tech house
✔ Kids tap the printer and make it print a sheet of paper with text
✔ Tap the big clock and make the hands move
✔ “Read it Myself” – Allows you to control the reading of the book yourself
✔ “Auto Play” – Automatically reads the entire book to you
✔ “Play” – Automatically reads each page of the book to you

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