★★★welcome to pororocon!★★★
– Easily create my child’s avatar!
– Smart and fun English game learning!
– Pororo Fairy Tale, an amazing combination!
– Click, Click! Photo Zone!

★Attendance Check Event
– You can earn 10 candies every day simply by running the app!

★ By purchasing Candy Pass
– You gain limitless access to Games, Fairy Tales and Photo Zone!
– You gain access to 20+ Outfits and the entire 8 themes!
(Upon cancellation of the pass, outfits and themes will be deleted automatically.)
– you gain complete access to games, fairy tales, photo zone, outfits and themes.
– However, the number of character slots can only be added with candies,
and outfits and themes purchased with the pass will automatically be deleted upon
cancellation of the free pass.

★ Help

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