Play With Clay – Cute Animals

All kids love to play with clay since they can make various shapes out of it and give shape to their imagination, they also get to do whatever they want with it. And especially, to make of clay cute animals. Kids love to explore new environments and objects and experiment with everything they can touch.
They do most of their work from their own experiences. Playing with clay stimulates children's imaginations. Children playing with clay can experiment with building techniques and adapt to change along the way. This type of learning promotes problem-solving skills.
In game kid should learn to mold different animals and objects from clay. At the beginning of each sketch kid will see short funny story.
Open the door to imagination with clay and modeling for your kid.


– Four different stories to make cute animals and other activity!
– More than 100 fun tasks inside!
– Use hands to make the clay form!
– Cut in clay patterns using a stick.
– Mold amusing details from clay and make of them a toy!
– Look interesting stories about clay friends!
– Memory game with clay cards!
– Run and jump game to collect bubbles!
– Collect the carrots to feed the rabbit!
– Help mom bird feed their chicks!
– Find out how you can help the machine to move the broken bridge!
– Burst the bubbles, many bubbles, a lot of bubbles!

Play With Clay – Cute Animals Screenshots:

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